Therapy is an invitation


to explore and understand the inner workings of ones own mind. It provides an opportunity for a person to consider how their thoughts, perceptions, and individual experiences may be affecting their state of being, and their relationship to others. 

Through support, guidance, and compassion, therapy allows for a new approach to solving problems and dealing with difficult issues. By examining ones own mind, we are given the opportunity to consider new perspectives, adopt more helpful ways of relating, and create a path for change.

It is my commitment to create an atmosphere where every person can feel safe enough to explore the issues and feelings that are causing difficulty and preventing them from living a fulfilling life.  I work collaboratively and compassionately to understand how issues develop over time, frame goals for therapy, and develop an individualized treatment plan that leads to lasting change. Every client is treated with kindness and respect, and is encouraged to be an active participant in their journey to living a complete and satisfying existence. 


-Celine Loiselle



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